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The Challenges Growers Face

Crop Management

With millions of plants being grown in these plant production facilities, crop rotation and yield predictions are a challenge. Planning production for a customer order and optimally growing an accurate batch is not simple.

Diseases & Pests

On top of the challenge to predict and manage crop production, the grower is constantly on the watchout for disease and pests which can cause problems for their crop. With an increase in the reliance on Biological pest controls this task is getting harder.

Labour Intensive

Greenhouse employees are hard to find and hard to train. 70% of the variable costs in horticulture are spent on labour. Situations like Brexit and global pandemics also highlight the need to automate crop production.

The Solutions We Offer

ADI provides an integrated, data-driven solution that enables greenhouse owners to monitor, collect and process valuable data about their crops. As a result, they gain the insights they need to increase crop yields and quality, and reduce operational costs.

Data Collection

Our greenhouse monitoring systems make use of smart sensor units which act like nodes in a network. We can collect images of every plant in the greenhouse.

Data Analysis

The data is then analysed using ADI’s state-of-the-art image analysis software, built in an intelligent manner to scale across multiple crop types.

Data Visualisation

Our product is in the addressable data we provide to customers. This actionable intelligence is the seed for automation in the greenhouse industry.

“ADI is the bridge between biology and technology. We develop tomorrow’s greenhouse monitoring systems, collect and process valuable data and, as a result, increase crop yields and quality, and reduce operational costs.”

– William Simmonds, CEO and owner of AgriData Innovations –

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ADI's service makes scouting at Hazeu Orchids more efficient and accurate. Currently, ADI drones are used every week to scout plants that are infected with a disease. ADI's service is fast, reliable and effective. Using ADI's technology, our production of Phalaenopsis has become more profitable and efficient.
Tim Brander
Cultivation Manager at Hazeu Orchids

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