ADI adds new members to its team

The team of Applied Drone Innovations (ADI) is growing! 

In just over half a year, ADI has grown from a core team of four to a total of 14 people, adding more knowledge, skills and expertise to the company. “It’s a pleasure to see our team in action,” says CEO William Simmonds. 

ADI is among the key players in data-driven horticulture and aims to help growers improve their ability to monitor plants and crops. The startup’s greenhouse drone ensures an efficient and cost-effective process.

Over the past months, the company has invested in new team members with expertise in software development, image analysis and neural networks for object detection. They also have a strong focus on sales, product and service design and business development. 

“It’s amazing how fast we can innovate when all the cogs are turning. In the next year we aim to double the size of our team.”