ADI and Plantise working together in the greenhouse

It has been our pleasure to work with Plantise for the last six months, using our GA Box to collect data on the growth and health of hot vegetables, specifically tomatoes and bell peppers. Our unique Germination Analysis system enables growers to monitor closely the growth, leaf density and health of the plants. We’d like to thank John and Leon Ammerlaan at Plantise for their valued support and friendship.

At ADI our unique ‘boots on the ground’ approach to customer support ensures a true partnership between our technology and the years of ‘know how’ provided by the growers. It is a privilege to work in the Plantise greenhouses and to participate in these innovations and technological developments. Together we are moving the horticulture industry towards a sustainable future. The name Plantise comes from a synthesis of the words ‘plants’ and ‘expertise’. Perfectly named Plantise are market leaders in the field of organic propagation. It is vital that the journey of these tiny plants is carefully monitored at every stage of their growth.

ADI founders William Simmonds and Lucien Fesselet are adamant that their relationship with the growers is the most important factor in allowing them to innovate and develop new technologies. This collaboration ensures true innovation in the complex world of horticulture both now and in the future. The young team at ADI are mostly recent graduates, they are all passionate about delivering cutting edge solutions into the greenhouse environment.

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