ADI books first commercial order with Beekenkamp Plants

ADI is happy to announce that its first commercial order has come from Beekenkamp Plants, a Dutch family-owned plant breeder. The goal of this partnership is to build a mobile data collection platform that provides the client with information about germination processes, and uses advanced image analysis to determine the quality of crops.

CEO William Simmonds announced this new development at AgriFoodTech in Den Bosch earlier this month. “We are very excited to have Beekenkamp Plants as our first commercial client. By applying our innovative technology to their specific challenges, we will help them monitor their crops on a regular basis and more time- and cost-efficiently.” 

The Delft-based startup has delivered a proof of concept of one of its most recent developments, a germination analysis machine.

By using an autonomously operating greenhouse drone to collect data on the quality of crops, ADI ensures that the chance of human error is minimised and the data is as timely and accurate as it can be. Once gathered, the data is analysed and transformed into actionable insights for the client. 

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