ADI monitoring technology helps predict yields in Chrysanthemum cultivation

Greenhouses play an important role in efficient crop production. Various plants, such as the Chrysanthemum, are grown in conditions where proper humidity and temperature are monitored with great precision.

Delphy, a company with a wide range of expertise in the area of horticulture, is now working together with ADI by combining their insights on sustainable crop cultivation with ADI’s innovative technology to create a specialised Chrysanthemum monitoring system.

The aim of this collaboration is to achieve accurate prediction and growth of yields by making use of non-invasive methods. This system can help expand Delphy’s knowledge on agricultural methods by tracking the development of every plant in the greenhouse. It can also be employed by partners like Zentoo, an umbrella company that manages over 100 hectares of Chrysanthemum in the Netherlands. 

ADI’s technology will enable a more controlled and optimised method in Chrysanthemum cultivation on a daily basis, which gives a clearer overview on potential yields in the greenhouse.

This enhances decision-making and brings data driven cultivation one step further, promoting sustainability on a large scale.

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