ADI presents to leading horticultural business owners


Co-founder of ADI Lucien Fesselet was invited to present to a number of international business owners and representatives within the horticulture industry on Wednesday.

The exclusive ‘Pro Manager Mastercourse; Vegetables’, which is hosted by Jungle Talks, is a two week programme where business owners and representatives from around the world visit leading Dutch horticulture businesses.


The fifteen participants, who represent countries ranging from China, USA, Mexico and Australia to name a few, were selected to represent their future-proof companies. Over the two week course the candidates have visited a number of leading Dutch horticulture businesses, captains of industry and experts in the business.

It was therefore ADI’s pleasure to be selected to present to the Mastercourse participants. Lucien started by introducing the call for automation within the greenhouse industry and its implications. He then outlined the history of ADI’s project ‘Drones in Greenhouses’ and went on to explain to the candidates how the drone technology works and what the advantages and limitations are. Lucien concluded with a business case study for ADI in relation to disease detection in orchid greenhouses. What was supposed to be a thirty minute presentation developed into a two hour Q&A session between Lucien and the fifteen representatives from around the world.

All in all a very useful and worthwhile afternoon for both ADI and everyone on the Pro Manager Mastercourse. We left feeling very positive and gained valuable contacts and we hope that the fifteen participants enjoyed our presentation. From everyone here at ADI we’d like to thank Jungle Talks for the opportunity and look forward to working with you again in the future.



More about Applied Drone Innovations: Imagine a football field, now imagine that you have to check the health of each individual blade of grass. This is the challenge that growers face in the ever expanding horticultural market today. Employees are hard to find, hard to train and greenhouses are only getting larger. Applied Drone Innovations (ADI) provides new tools to growers to tackle these issues.

With extensive experience in the horticulture sector, ADI are in a unique position to add value to growers with our combination of bespoke hardware and software solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of greenhouses.

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