Avular and ADI extend collaboration to revolutionise the horticulture industry

Copyright: Avular

Great collaborations are there to be extended. ADI is happy to announce that it is continuing its work together with Avular, an industrial drone manufacturer based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Together, the two companies form a strong partnership that can drive the horticulture industry into the future.

“We have the perfect partnership to revolutionise horticulture,” said William Simmonds, CEO of ADI. “ADI brings the data analytics and presentation to the growers, as well as the industry knowledge of what data to collect in the first place. Avular enable us to collect the data, using their Curiosity Core, so we can be able to autonomously navigate a greenhouse via drone.”

The Curiosity Core is, essentially, the brains of any (mobile) robot, including a drone. By using an ingenious new indoor positioning system, based around Ultra-wideband beacons, navigation around the large area of industrial greenhouses becomes possible.

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