Blooming business: ADI secures 350K-euro MIT R&D grant

ADI is excited to announce the latest of its milestones: securing 350,000 euros from the MIT R&D grant, in which the company was the lead applicant.

“This is an important achievement for our team and our startup. It is proof that there is a strong demand for our solution and that the future of horticulture is indeed data-driven,” said CEO William Simmonds. The funding will help ADI in further accelerating its growth.

The young company will use the money for a specific project where it will work closely together with partner Avular, an Eindhoven-based startup focused on enabling mobile robotics. ADI recently announced that it was extending its already ongoing collaboration with Avular due to the common goals of both companies.

The purpose of the project is to combine the expertise of Avular in developing mobile robotics, and ADI’s skill set of image processing and data analysis, to revolutionise horticulture. “We will focus on further developing the data analytics part of our solution, while they will work on making it more user-friendly and suited to operate in greenhouses,” said Simmonds. “There are certainly exciting times ahead of us!”

To learn more about ADI and/or their collaboration with Avular, do not hesitate to get in touch now!