Meeting the Minister for Agricultural Affairs

The Applied Drone Innovations team was proud to display our new DJI Matrice at Bunnik Plants to the Dutch Minister for Agricultural Affairs Martijn van Dam.

Everything went smoothly and we managed to collect temperature, humidity & C02 data which we could present shortly after flight. Our drone was also collecting images from our home-made multispectral camera. We gather these images to create LAI and NDVI images, which we can use for analysis. In our technology page, we provide more information about these techniques.

Minister for Agricultural Affairs, Martijn van Dam, to Bunnik Plants:

“Does this technology add value to your operations?”

Director of Bunnik Creation, Dennis Bunnik:

“Initially when flight testing began at Bunnik (late 2015) I was doubtful of the idea. My head grower had to come to my office many times to push the project. But now I’m convinced that the data to be collected by this system can be of great use and will provide insight into the operations here.”

More about Applied Drone Innovations: Imagine a football field, now imagine that you have to check the health of each individual blade of grass. This is the challenge that growers face in the ever expanding horticultural market today. Employees are hard to find, hard to train and greenhouses are only getting larger. Applied Drone Innovations (ADI) provides new tools to growers to tackle these issues.

With extensive experience in the horticulture sector, ADI are in a unique position to add value to growers with our combination of bespoke hardware and software solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of greenhouses.

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