Meeting an international audience at the IE2018

Pitch at the Rotterdam Innovation Expo

Last week, we were present at the Rotterdam Innovation Expo 2018 to showcase the technologies we are developing for the educational programme HiPerGreen.

The Rotterdam Innovation Expo is an initiative of several Dutch ministries. It was organised by innovation- and research-oriented groups and institutions such as the Dutch Digital Delta and Holland High tech. This year, the event attracted over 6000 national and international visitors and over 200 businesses, research institutes and NGO’s. The exhibitors benefited from this platform to present their innovations and technologies to a very varied audience.

Under the educational programme HiPerGreen (High Precision Greenhouse Farming), we had the opportunity to give a presentation and to engage with the visitors the entire day. Some attendees (eg: machine learning software and multi spectrum camera companies) have shown strong interest in ADI. They offered their services or proposed to work with us.

Watch the Innovation Expo aftermovie here.


More about Applied Drone Innovations: Imagine a football field, now imagine that you have to check the health of each individual blade of grass. This is the challenge that growers face in the ever expanding horticultural market today. Employees are hard to find, hard to train and greenhouses are only getting larger. Applied Drone Innovations (ADI) provides new tools to growers to tackle these issues.

With extensive experience in the horticulture sector, ADI are in a unique position to add value to growers with our combination of bespoke hardware and software solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of greenhouses.

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