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Data Collection

Data Analytics

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Data Collection


This germination analysis box is a fully integrated data collection, analysis and presentation solution. Everything happens on the growers’ side, without need for ADI operators.

Installed on a Danish trolley, this battery powered system is mobile around the greenhouse. 4G connectivity enables data management over the cloud and the system is controlled via a user friendly touch screen interface. 


This monorail imaging robot is a semi-autonomous data collection system that can traverse the heating pipes inside the greenhouse to image every crop. 

The autonomy of this system is improving rapidly and is currently being operated over 5 hectare of crop. Currently this procedure is executed by ADI’s “man-in-a-van” service model.


This universal sensor package is a combination of the sensor unit from the GA-Box and MIR.

ADI is developing a network of smart sensor units for imaging the greenhouse, these can be attached to existing infrastructure and greenhouse equipment.

Data Analytics

Embedded Software

ADI's embedded software enables the control and operation of our greenhouse monitoring systems. This includes camera control, data transfer, systems and control.

Database Management

The data collected by ADI is valuable and provides the foundation for data analytics. An efficiently structured database which can communication with the greenhouse ERP is essential.


Compartmentalization from an image, to a cropped table or tray, to an individual pot or cell, to a specific leaf of the crop. Segmentation provides referenceable sections for feature extraction to be carried out.

Feature Extraction

Neural networks and image processing techniques are used to extract features from the segmented crop elements. These include features such as a health index and leaf size.

Data Visualisation

The product ADI provides is an addressable data set, this enables greenhouse management to be data-driven.

Germination Analysis

The quality of germination is determined by ADI’s monitoring technology. Each leaf is analysed and the leaf surface area is calculated. Results are presented to the grower via a touchscreen on the GA-Box or via a WebApp.

Disease & Pest Control

Maps such as the one seen on this tablet show the grower an overview of disease and pest locations in the greenhouse. This can be used as an operational tool to remove the necessary crop. It can also be used to understand how well current procedures are working, are the biological pest control working or did the scout do a good job. 

Greenhouse monitoring drone

Growth Rate Graphs

Measuring the progress of crop growth is a very useful tool for greenhouse optimisation. Improve the crop rotation timing, select the best performing varieties, see the effect of changing greenhouse climate and crop care techniques. This also makes predicting the harvest much more accurate!

Coming Soon...

At ADI we are continuously working on developing new solutions and innovations within the data driven cultivation industry. Be sure to regularly check out this page to see what we are working on. Contact us if you are interested in partnering up with us and we can create a custom made solution based on your specific needs.